Frequently Asked Questions

What does the size mean?

The first number is the horizontal width of the lens (in mm). The second number is the width of the bridge (in mm). If you have a pair at the moment, you should be able to find the size on the inside of the left arm, If these fit you well you can try and find a pair with similar numbers. Usually, the higher the width of the bridge, the larger the frame.

If you are not sure of the size, we recommend you get in touch with us so we can also help choose the right frame for you.

How do I know if my frames will fit me?

If you are not sure if your glasses will fit, we recommend you purchase a few different styles without prescription (up to 4 per order). Once you are happy with the fitting, you can return the ones you dont like within 30 days to receive a full refund.

My frames are uncomfortable on my face, what can I do?

All of our frames are dispatched in a "Factory Setting". This means they will not be specially adjusted to fit your unique head shape. As we are an online seller, it is impossible for us to adjust these without physically seeing you in person.

We recommend going to your local opticians to let them know about the discomfort you are experiencing and they should be able to make adjustments to the frame to fit you perfectly.

How can you provide varifocals without seeing me in store?

We have dispensing opticians who work on every varifocal order that we receive. We request that the customer takes a picture of themselves wearing a pair of glasses from 1m away. We also require the physical measurements of the frame that they are wearing (in mm). From there, our Dispensing Opticians works out the exact information we need to make your glasses.

How do I send my prescription to you?

If you aren't sure how to fill your prescription in on your order, you can send this to us after your order has been placed. If you are not confident with understanding your prescription, we'd much prefer you send this to us to reduce any margin for error.

You can send your prescription to us by email at

Do you have any discount codes or Student/NHS discount?

We do not currently have any active discount codes on our site. If we have a discount code running, It will appear at the top of the website. We do not currently have any student/NHS discount at the moment.

How do I measure my PD?

You can obtain your PD off of your Opticians, it can also be listed on your prescription. If you cannot obtain it from your Optician, you can use the "eye measure" app for iPhone or the GlassesOn app for android. If you cannot use these methods, we can also obtain your PD for you, simply get in touch with us to have this done for your order.

I've been told I have a big prescription, what does this mean and can you accommodate it?

If you have a large prescription, it means that your physical prescription values are high, which means your lenses will be very thick. You can offset this thickness with lens thinning. We also recommend that you choose your frame carefully as large frames will not be able to hide your thick prescription lenses as well as a small frames can.

Due to our high-tech on-site lab and expert lab technicians, we are able to accommodate very high prescription with relative ease. We recommend getting in touch with our customer service team if you aren't sure what frames/lenses to purchase.

Are you authentic? How are your prices so cheap?

We are a certified seller of all of the brands that we list on our site. We purchase our products straight from the original suppliers. As we are a registered Opticians, we are also GOC (General Optical Council) certified which you can check here.

We are able to keep our costs down as our overheads are low. All facets of our business are within one building. We pick stock, glaze lenses in our lab and dispatch orders all from the same building! This allows us to maintain competitive prices, and extremely speedy service.


We are here to help. If you need any further information please give us a call on: 01204 520055, or email us at: , or click on Live chat.